Slow WordPress sites have higher bounce rates and fewer conversions. The perfmatters plugin was created by webperf geeks to speed up your site!

Perfmatters v1.5.7 - Lightweight Performance Plugin

Perfmatters v1.5.7 – Lightweight Performance Plugin



We developed the Perfmatters plugin with simplicity in mind. We use all of these optimizations on our own sites and are excited to provide an easy way for you to now have them too! No messing around with code or your functions.php file. Performance optimizations shouldn’t have to be complicated and so everything can be enabled/disabled with a single click.

The main way this plugin helps speed up your site is by disabling things that might not be used on your site. For example, by default emojis load on every single page of your site. If you don’t use them, this is simply slowing it down. By disabling it, the script no longer loads and so it reduces your overall number of HTTP requests and your page size. Another great optimization is to limit your post revisions. These can quickly fill up your database and slow down your site. By limiting them you can ensure a fast and snappy database.

Make sure to also check out our current feature requests and the changelog.

Perfmatters settings

As you can see below, everything is a one-click toggle. There is also a handy tooltip next to each one that links to our knowledge base article on the optimization. This way you can learn more about what it does and why you might want to disable it or leave it enabled.

Script Manager

The Perfmatters plugin has a Script Manager built-in. This allows you to disable scripts on a per post/page basis. This is very powerful and can drastically increase the speed on your WordPress sites (especially your homepage). A few examples of what this can be used for:

  • The popular Contact Form 7 plugin loads itself on every page and post. You can easily disable it everywhere with one click and enable only on your contact page.
  • Social media sharing plugins should only be loaded on your posts. You can easily disable it everywhere and load only on post types, or even custom post types.

All scripts are grouped by their respective plugin and theme so you can easily see which scripts are being used by what.

Script Manager

Script Manager

Script Manager MU Mode New

(MU) mode takes the Script Manager to a whole new level. It gives you more control and the ability to disable WordPress plugin queries and hooks as well as inline CSS and JS. You can control every aspect of a plugin, from its front-end scripts, inline code, and MySQL queries.


DNS Prefetching is available under the perfmatter’s extras tab, along with the ability to enable accessibility mode. Accessibility mode ensures that our plugin dashboard fully works with screen readers, as we are happy to accommodate everyone.

Examples of WordPress sites using the Perfmatters plugin

Here are some examples of fast WordPress sites that are using the Perfmatter’s plugin. It is important to remember that the plugin isn’t a magic wand. It won’t magically fix everything wrong on your site. You should still optimize your site and then the Perfmatters plugin will help speed it up even more. This plugin is for those who want to shave off every ms of load time from their WordPress sites!

woorkup is a popular marketing blog that gets over 100,000 unique visitors per month. Using the perfmatters plugin, along with other optimizations, it loads well under 600 ms.

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